7 Handy iPhone Accessories You'll Want to Pack

We may dream of unplugging entirely while on vacation, but the truth is we probably rely on our iPhones even more when we’re on the go. They store our boarding passes and reservations, help us map out new cities, research the local restaurants, and post photos to social media. We’d be lost (really and truly) without them, so no sense in resisting. Plug in and make the most of your iPhone with these handy accessories on your next trip.

1. iPhone and Passport Travel Case

Rather than stuffing everything willy-nilly in every coat pocket only to forget where you’ve placed it once you’re on the go, keep everything in one place. This passport holder has extra room for cash, cards, and your iPhone. Best of all, it prevents RFID skimming and charges your phone. Available in 8 colors.

Price: $37.99

Star Rating: 4

Amazon Review:Bought 4 of these as gifts. Great having the battery charger available for those times that our phone goes dead at the airport and you have your boarding pass on your phone!

2. iPhone Portable Projector

Project videos from your iPhone. Great for camping trips, TV-free AirBnBs, or screening films or photos anywhere on the go.

Price: $48.99

Star Rating: 3.5

Amazon Review:Great product for both price and mobility. I was very surprised at the quality especially for the price and size. Good color and picture and text really wasn’t all that bad. The speaker is fine and the projector runs very quietly. I gave this as a gift and everyone was more than happy.”

3. Trianium Atomic Pro Charging Case

Battery percentage is in the single digit danger zone? A quick recharge can really save the day. The Trianium Atomic Pro is slimmer than many battery packs while still offering enough padding to protect from falls. Available to suit various iPhone models.

Price: $39.99

Star Rating: 4.5

Amazon Review: "I've had this for almost a week and so far I like it. It works perfectly with my iphone 8plus, with this case I can wait at least two days between charging my phone. Even with heavy social media, playing spotify, and streaming youtube. In love with this case!"

4. Weatherproof iPhone Case

This case will keep your phone bone dry in slushy winter downpours, while snow skiing, hanging in the jacuzzi, etc. And unlike many waterproof cases, this screen cover has a higher sensitivity meaning you won’t have to repeatedly jab the thing to take the photo.

Price: $29.00

Star Rating: 5

Amazon Review:I tested it under the water for a few minutes,and it worked well. It can protect your phone very well even you drop your phone to the water. I can bring my phone with me when I go to water park. Very good product!

5. Pixter Wide Angle Smartphone Lens

At some point we’ve probably all packed along our ‘real’ camera and realized, once on vacation, that it’s sooo much easier to just snap pics with our phones, rather than carry around some bulky extra thing. The Pixter Smartphone Lens clips over the camera phone lens allowing for a wider field of vision while improving image clarity on par with that ‘real’ camera nobody wants to carry anymore.

Price: $54.90

Star Rating: 5

Amazon Review:To remove vignetting, this pro lens is the perfect one for you. It’s absolutely spectacular. I am beyond impressed at how much of the photo you can capture within the frame and how you don’t compromise quality whatsoever! Also comes with a travel pouch and microfiber cleaning cloth.

6. iPhone Cross-Body Strap Camera Case

Keep your phone safe and within easy reach with this silicone iPhone case made to resemble a classic camera. Can be worn on your shoulder or across your body.

Price: $14.90

Star Rating: 5

Amazon Review:This iphone case is super adorable! i love the fact that i can hang it as a mini purse and it protects my iphone. i love the colors and that it is a little camera. It looks so cute when you are taking a picture because of the design. I absolutely loved it and would recommend it.

7. OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

It’s annoying to find that the clock radio in your hotel room is not up to date to dock your iPhone. Also annoying? Trying to MacGyver together some sort of speaker by angling your iPhone into an overturned cup. Sad! Keep your loved ones movin’ and groovin’ while traveling with a proper portable speaker. The water resistant OontZ connects via Bluetooth to your phone, tablet, or laptop. And at just under 10 ounces, the OontZ is easy to take along on any trip.

Price: $24.99

Star Rating: 4.5

Amazon Review: “Best speaker I've ever purchased. Great sound, loud, battery lasts longer than any other speaker I've had. 4 months later, we ran it over - twice with Chevy 2500 & then the trailer. :( GUESS WHAT! It still works! INCREDIBLE! I wish I could upload a video. Just bought 2 more!”

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