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Kids at Home? Here's What to Read After Harry Potter

Josh Roberts - April 24, 2020
By now you’ve probably seen hundreds of lists like this one—books to read after you…
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The 10 Best Zero Waste Items for Earth Day Outings

Ricky Radka - April 20, 2020
Unfortunately, the travel industry is rife with waste, from single-use cups to mini shampoo samples…
woman working from home in slippers

The Best Slip-On Shoes for Working From Home

Tracy Stewart - April 10, 2020
The ideal work-from-home slip-on ought to be comfy, somewhat durable, and most importantly, stylish enough…

The 7 Best Jigsaw Puzzles for Stuck-at-Home Travelers

Patricia Magaña - April 8, 2020
Stuck at home with nowhere to go? Travel the world in 500, nay, 24,000 pieces! Jigsaw…
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The 7 Most Comfortable Sandals for Spring

Megan Johnson - April 7, 2020
It seems like spring is finally here, which means summer vacation is quickly approaching. It…
Man wears headphones for Zoom meeting

7 Best Wireless Headphones for Spring

Megan Johnson - April 4, 2020
Whether you’re listening to the latest episode of your favorite podcast, your favorite musician, or…
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7 Cozy Sweatpants for Quarantine Living

Tracy Stewart - April 3, 2020
If you're going to be hanging at home for a while, you might as well…
Woman reading a book in a hammock

14 Great Books for the Stuck-at-Home Traveler

Tracy Stewart - April 1, 2020
Travel guides are fine for plotting out the nitty gritty of a vacation, but reading…
Coronavirus Staycation

How to Staycation Without Leaving the House

Tracy Stewart - March 30, 2020
You may have been quick to dismiss the idea of a staycation in the past…
A Woman Reads a Book in a Chair While Self-Isolating

10 Great Reads to Tackle in Self-Isolation

Rachel Ann Brickner - March 27, 2020
Under normal circumstances, we'd recommend devouring these books on your next flight, but you can…

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