Airplane flying through the year 2020 logo

6 Destinations Where Flights Will Be Cheaper in 2020

Ricky Radka - January 24, 2020
We’ve just kicked off the new year, and it hasn’t taken long for industry pundits…
TSA PreCheck sign at the airport security line

Global Entry vs TSA PreCheck: Which Is Better?

Ricky Radka - January 22, 2020
With TSA wait times on the rise and no easy solution in sight, TSA PreCheck—the…
searching for flights on a laptop

You Might Be Buying Domestic Airfare All Wrong

Ricky Radka - December 23, 2019
The days of needing to buy a round-trip to get the best savings on domestic…

Are YOU an Annoying Passenger?

Tracy Stewart - December 10, 2019
Let's see...when last we saw an evacuation chute make the news, it was being put…
Alt tag not provided for image https://blog.airfarewatchdog.com/uploads/sites/26/2019/04/Transatlantic-Flight-Map-US-Europe-Shutter-300x200.jpg

The Future of Transatlantic Low-Cost-Carriers

Ricky Radka - April 19, 2019
Since the days of Lucky Lindbergh, flying across the Atlantic has been a big deal.…
Alt tag not provided for image https://blog.airfarewatchdog.com/uploads/sites/26/2019/01/TSAcheck-300x200.jpg

Poll Results: Do You Feel Safe Traveling During the Government Shutdown?

Tracy Stewart - January 11, 2019
The governments shutdown continues, and, as of today, TSA agents and other federal employees will…
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San Francisco - London $579 Roundtrip, Nonstop, for August Travel

Tracy Stewart - July 13, 2018
For late summer travel, fly nonstop from San Francisco to London for $579 roundtrip on…
Alt tag not provided for image https://blog.airfarewatchdog.com/uploads/sites/26/2018/06/businesstravelhotelshutter-300x200.jpg

Top 10 Airport Hotels in North America

Ricky Radka - June 15, 2018
Safe to say no one has a picture of an airport hotel as his or…
Alt tag not provided for image https://blog.airfarewatchdog.com/uploads/sites/26/2018/06/septa_airport_train_shutterstock-300x198.jpg

U.S. Airports with the Best Public Transportation Options

Ricky Radka - June 1, 2018
While most major US Airports offer some method of public transportation, a few airports just seem…
Alt tag not provided for image https://blog.airfarewatchdog.com/uploads/sites/26/2018/04/sexismprob2-300x200.jpg

Does Air Travel Have a Sexism Problem?

Caroline Costello - April 4, 2018
Last November, roughly a month after the #MeToo movement spread virally across the globe, Silicon…

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